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Ego Mower, Cordless, 21 Inch

Ego Mower, Cordless, 21 Inch

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The EGO POWER PLUS 21 in Select Cut self-propelled mower delivers performance that exceeds the power of gas. The Select Cut multi-blade cutting system is equipped with two, interchangeable lower blades, the premium mulching blade and the premium bagging blade. The premium mulching blade is ideal for weekly mowing, giving you the cut quality and run time expected from a high-end gas lawn mowers. The premium bagging blade is a heavy-duty blade that turns grass into fine fragments ideal for both bagging and mulching. Both blades can be used interchangeably based on the desired cut. The EGO upper blade is used in combination with the lower blade chosen to slice the grass into fine fragments, this greatly enhances cutting performance with all grass types. EGO's self-propelled Touch Drive technology comes from years of research and development. Touch Drive technology puts complete control of the self-propelled system in the palm of your hands by using pressure to engage the system. Easily control the variable speed with a dial positioned at your fingertips for safe and convenient operation.

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